Logistic Management System

"Your Comprehensive Logistics Management Solution"

SPCI system is a logistics management system with capabilities for managing and tracking drivers and trucks within the supply chain.

"Transparent Your Logistics Operations"

Location Tracking

The system allows for real-time tracking of the location of drivers and trucks. This feature provides visibility into the current positions of vehicles, enabling logistics managers to monitor the progress of deliveries and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Mobile Access
For Drivers

The mobile version of the SPCI system provides drivers with access to relevant information and updates while they are on the go. This may include delivery details, route instructions, real-time updates. Mobile access helps drivers stay informed and allows for efficient communication between drivers and managers.

SPCI Mobile Access:

Simplify Operations with Real-time Delivery Status Updates

SPCI mobile access empowers you with comprehensive control and provide exceptional service to your customers. Experience seamless delivery status management with SPCI mobile access, your key to logistics excellence.”

Shipment Status
& Updates


Document Logging


From conceptualisation, planing, development, right down to the actual launch, we will be with you every step of the way. We can incorporate your business strategy into the app to ensure that you get the results your business deserves.

Mobile App

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Web Version


Seamlessly manage user accounts with role-based access. From drivers to managers and superadmins, you have complete control over user profiles, authentication, and access level permissions.


Gain comprehensive visibility into your shipments. Track origin, destination, and delivery status effortlessly. Update shipment statuses, add notes, and monitor progress in real-time. Filter and sort shipments based on various criteria for quick and accurate information retrieval.


Optimize your fleet utilization and track vehicles with precision. View detailed vehicle information, driver assignments, and current locations. Assign or reassign vehicles to drivers seamlessly, ensuring efficient resource allocation and enhanced logistics coordination.


Stay informed with our centralized notification center. Receive real-time alerts and updates related to shipment status changes, system enhancements, and critical information. Customize notification preferences and choose your preferred channels to ensure you never miss important updates.

SPCI Dashboard:
Streamlined Shipment Monitoring and Insights

Effortlessly monitor and track shipments in real-time, gain valuable insights from completed deliveries, and stay informed about canceled shipments with the SPCI Dashboard. Simplify logistics management, optimize operations, and excel in your supply chain. Streamline your processes, make data-driven decisions, and achieve seamless control with the powerful features of SPCI Dashboard.

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