Water Meter Channel Management system

"Optimize Water Meter Channel Management with Cutting-Edge Software"

Adept is a mobile application designed to assist field workers in recording meter readings or maintenance services in a more efficient manner.

"Streamline Workflows and Boost Efficiency with Adept"


Adept can be accessed on smartphones or tablets, allowing field workers to conveniently record data on the go. This eliminates the need for paper-based systems or manual data entry later on.

Meter Reading

The application can provide a user-friendly interface for field workers to enter meter readings accurately and efficiently. It may include features such as pre-populated lists of meters, automated data validation, and the ability to capture meter readings using device cameras or barcode scanners.

Real-Time Data Synchronization

Adept can sync data in real time, allowing field workers and supervisors to access up-to-date information. This facilitates better coordination and decision-making, as supervisors can monitor progress remotely and allocate resources more effectively.

Task Prioritization Made Easy:

Stay on Track and Maximize Productivity with Adept's Overview Statistics Feature

The field workers can have a holistic view of their current progress and leverage historical data to plan their work better.

Task Status
& Updates

Meter Reading

Service Logging

Simplify Installations, Replacements, Decommissions, and Surveys

Simplify your workflow, improve efficiency, and maintain data accuracy throughout the meter management lifecycle. Unlock the potential of Adept’s backend management system today.

Meter Installation

Adept allows field workers to effortlessly complete meter installations, providing real-time access to work orders, navigation assistance, barcode scanning, digital documentation, and seamless data synchronization for a streamlined and efficient process.

Meter Replacement

Adept allows field workers to digitalize the entire meter replacement process seamlessly. From receiving replacement orders to barcode scanning, digital documentation, and real-time data synchronization, streamline your workflow for efficient and accurate meter replacements.

Meter Decommission

Adept allows field workers to easily input the last meter reading and capture before/after pictures during the removal process. Ensure accurate data recording and maintain a visual record for smooth meter decommissioning.

Ad Hoc Survey & Meter Photo

Adept allows field worker to conduct meter ad hoc surveys with ease. Follow the guidelines provided in the app to perform surveys, capture meter photos, and ensure compliance. Streamline your meter survey tasks and maintain accurate records using our intuitive mobile app.


From conceptualisation, planing, development, right down to the actual launch, we will be with you every step of the way. We can incorporate your business strategy into the app to ensure that you get the results your business deserves.

Mobile App

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Web Version


By providing you with these essential statistics and alarms, the Dashboard enables you to effectively monitor meter reads progress, identify any issues or deviations, and take appropriate actions. Stay in control and make informed decisions based on the real-time data presented to you on the homepage.


With these meter management features, you can easily view and access the available meters, perform necessary actions to keep the meter records updated, and export specific meter details using geofencing. This empowers you to efficiently manage the meters within the system and streamline your operations.


The network management allows users to store actual meter readings, ensuring accurate and reliable data. It calculates daily m³ usage based on these readings, providing users with valuable insights into their water consumption patterns. Additionally, the feature utilizes the daily m³ data to estimate future meter readings. With this comprehensive functionality, users can effectively monitor, ensuring precise tracking and effective management.


Task Manager Pro empowers authorized users to effectively manage and track meter installation, replacement, decommissioning, ad hoc surveys, and meter photo tasks. Its user-friendly design, streamlined task assignment/reassignment, and real-time updates contribute to efficient task management and timely task completion.

Visualize and Optimize: Empowering Meter Performance Analysis

The Meter Performance Analysis Dashboard empowers authorized users to assess meter performance, monitor flow rates, and make informed decisions about replacements or upgrades. The intuitive visualizations simplify data interpretation, ensuring efficient meter management and accurate water metering.


Water Meter Zones Configuration

The Intelligent Water Management System empowers authorized users to effectively manage water meter zones, analyze water supply and consumption. Its user-friendly design and automation capabilities enhance efficiency, promote informed decision-making, and contribute to sustainable water resource management.

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