Who We Are

Global Line Network (GLN) is a holding company consisting of a group of programmers who are client –focused, providing a sales and distribution platform (PaaS) to clients that require an enterprise-grade solution.

Together with that, we also own several SaaS platforms which allow end users to subscribe directly to us.

Our final craft is to venture into partnering with other technoprenuers who share the same vision as us in providing a state of the art mobile solution across the region.

Having the key element of Systems Thinking approach, a holistic understanding of how an organization works, GLN is bound to be the choice of agency in your journey of transformation.

What We Do?

From idea brainstorming to a complex mobile application development, we have it all covered.


Help you conceptualize and realize the services and infrastructure you need. Assisting you to know the elements you require which will enable a huge boon to your business.


Create a responsive or an adaptive design to an optimal usability. The design of UI / UX focusses on the simplicity of the flow together with a user- friendly interface.


Develop and maintain a website that ensures a smooth Client and Server – Side coding while providing a podium in widening potential clientele.

Web Design

Create a visual look and feel of websites and simplify the use to help find information faster.


Allow you to connect with your clients in the right place, at the right time through digital advertising.

Branding Strategy

Enable you to communicate your brand by creating a voice for your company through branding standards and marketing materials.

How We Do It

Through systems integration of assessing clients’ needs in a series of meeting.
As a result of which, an objective is met. A skeletal framework is then produced alongside with the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).
Testing of the customized App is done before it reaches the client.

Improve your business

To make your business more efficient and effective by digitizing the entire operation.

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We build great things and we need talent like you !

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