FinShell Pay

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Channel Management


Adept is a mobile application designed to assist field workers in recording meter readings or maintenance services in a more efficient manner.


Lenovo is a mobile retail channel management solution to manage real time sales of promoters, salesperson and business partners.

Supply Chain Management


SPCI system is a logistics management system with capabilities for managing and tracking drivers and trucks within the supply chain.


Gastom to digitalize the traditional gas distribution business for better management of IT and big data.

Content Management


A comprehensive platform that revolutionizes your news consumption by providing personalized articles, seamless management, and engaging user interaction.

Field Force Management

Four by Forth Dimension

Four by Forth Dimension is a software system designed to simplify and streamline the management of product campaigns in retail environments.

HR Management

Ms. Winkly

Ms.Winkly is an intelligent cloud-based Human Resource Management application with mobile app that allows companies, both SMEs and Large Firm to manage employees’ attendance, leave application and claims in one platform.

On Demand Platform


A centralized system to keep track of the wine and liquor members and their “wine & liquor” stock info, and also provide trading among the community. On top of that, provide product information or news announcement to their members.