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Channel Management

A ubiquitous access to retrieve channel information, sales status and visitation reports, systematically managed on the cloud.

Real time updates

Sales representative provide live updates of on-site situation to notify the management.

SaaS - QT

Real Time Tracking

The management can track work completion and monitor the productivity of the sales representative.

Performance Monitoring

A more transparent decision to manage inventory.

Benefit of SFA

Free Maintenance

Zero expenditure on hardware and the liberty of paying-as-you-grow.

User Subscription

With a fixed licensing fee and variable charges according to the number of users, this contributes to the lower cost of ownership of your subscription.

Account Manager

SFA enables users to store and manage their customers' information regularly and securely. An Approval is required if a change of information is prompted.

Quick Handover

Effortless transfer of clients' and business information so the next sales representative would be able to take over where the lsat sales rep has left off though the documented details.

We provide subscription plan as well.

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