On Demand Platform

An on-demand model enables access to a larger pool of service providers and customers and is meant to drive a better customer experience. Therefore, on-demand service platforms are usually developed in the form of both a mobile app and a web app for users to get to what they want faster and more easily.

"Your Needs, On Demand: Where Convenience Meets Service"


Yuanlaosi is a versatile mobile app that enhances your dining experience in multiple ways. From convenient restaurant queuing, delivery, and table reservations to exclusive rewards, vouchers, and chef’s recommendations, Yuanlaosi brings the best of dining to your fingertips.”

Mobile Queuning System

Get notified when spot opens up

Delivery or Pickup

Order your favourite food to be delivered with online payment and status tracking

Rewards / Vouchers

Offer loyalty discounts, vouchers and rewards to customers

Table Booking Management

Personalised reservations with customer data

Promotion / Activity

Create marketing compaigns for attracting customer

Popular Order

Get updated with specialities chef's recommendations

Food Ninja

Food Ninja is an online food ordering and delivering company dedicated to connect hungry diners with local restaurants. We were rewarded as the best Wellington student startup 2015 by GSEA. We believe everyone should have the freedom of choice when it comes to food. We wanted something easy, convenient, and tasty. So we created Food Ninja to make it possible for you.

Restaurant Filtering

Search your preferred restaurants seamlessly

Real-Time Order Tracking

Know exactly where your order is at any time

Get Recommendations Tailored For You

Intelligent restaurant recommendation with comprehensive user data

Schedule your order

Schedule orders according to your convenience

Order History

View past orders and save time by ordering them

Self Pick up

Save on delivery fee when you self pick up your order

1855 merchant

A centralized system to keep track of the wine and liquor members and their “wine & liquor” stock info, and also provide trading among the community. On top of that, provide product information or news announcement to their members.

Product Trading

Barter for your favourite wine with our intuitive process

Inventory Management

Stay notified and on track with your stocks


Accessibility to real time date anywhere via our dashboard


Receive up to date messages from administator in times of need


Get notified with the lastest news and exciting promotions

Schedule Collection

Plan the perfect schedule to collect your favourite wine from the community

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Four by Forth Dimension is a software system designed to simplify and streamline the management of product campaigns in retail environments.